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Protect Our Texas Values

Texas’ history and identity are under attack. A campaign is underway to challenge the motivations of the men and women who fought for Texas Independence, diminish their courage and bravery, and belittle their accomplishments. Sign the petition to stop the teaching of this new history in our schools.

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Texas Exceptionalism

Just like America, Texas is exceptional. It’s the only state that was its own separate republic and fought its own revolution. The folklore, the landscape and our industrious economy distinguishes Texas from the rest of the union.

But not everybody likes that… Keeping Texas Texan is designed to protect our history and principles from those forces that seek to undermine what Texas has achieved.

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The story of the Texas Revolution is the story of ourselves

who we are, how we came to be, and what we mean.

It speaks to us today because its issues are our own. How do we live in liberty? How do we resist tyranny? What do we owe to our community? What are we willing to endure for our children’s futures? The revolutionaries of the Texas past gave the best possible answers to each of these questions — and we owe it to them to aspire to their standard. “Forging Texas” is a compelling look at the lives, the causes, and the passions for freedom that drove Texas and the Texans to independence — and then to greatness. Come watch with us as we revisit a revolution that is just as relevant in 2020 as it was in 1836.

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